"The purpose is to catalogue an archive" Paul Kendall

CW01 21.06.11 Doll Divider_Olivia Louvel
(Enhanced & remastered)
12" vinyl bandcamp

CW02 01.10.11 Angleterror_Paul Kendall
digital bandcamp

CW03 01.12.12 O Music For Haiku_Olivia Louvel
cd with hand drawn art bandcamp

CW04 22.11.12 oki yo yo (Paul Kendall Remix)_Olivia Louvel
digital free download

CW05 19.02.13 I Wish I Could (Daniel Myer Remix)_Olivia Louvel
digital bandcamp

CW06 05.09.14 Beauty Sleep_Olivia Louvel
digipak cd (dvd size) bandcamp

CW07 13.02.15 Bats by Night_Olivia Louvel
digital bandcamp

CW09 06.03.16 Luna Parc Hotel_Olivia Louvel
digital bandcamp

CW08 24.09.16 Capture_The Digital Intervention
digital bandcamp

CW10 03.07.16 From The Penman Press_Paul Kendall
limited editon box set (pen & ink artworks + CD) big cartel

CW11 08.02.17 Data Regina_Olivia Louvel
digipak cd (dvd size) bandcamp