Beauty Sleep by Olivia Louvel CD digipak

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Bats, fox and birds form the animalist backdrop created in virtual rural isolation, in the West Sussex countryside under the 'shed'.

The award-winning French-born Brit crafts a fresh set of art inspired electronics. Or is it electronics inspired art? Olivia Louvel works on the frontier of art and electronic music, often blurring the boundary between the two…" (…) Much of ‘Beauty Sleep’ has a brittle fragility to it. ‘I Capture’ and ‘Bats’ exude a quiet grace and serenity, the former sounding like a piece Matthew Bourne might use in a modern ballet. The latter meanwhile takes the kind of strings that Will Gregory crafted for Goldfrapp’s ‘Felt Mountain’, only here the textures are suffused with dubby dynamics and skewed rhythms.‘But You Know’ provides tropicalia mystique, while ‘Polytypes Of Love’ finds dark eroticism in robotic synth gestures.
Mat Smith for Electronic Sound (UK)